How much does a quotation cost? 

A quotation is done for free for all our clients. 


How much does an Inspection  Report Cost? 

We charge a nominal fee of R1380 including VAT per inspection report.

How do I book an appointment with one of your consultants? 

You can call through on +27 31 3129257 and give your details to our reception who will schedule a fixed appointment with you.  Alternatively you can email through a request on or whatsapp us on +27 60 5607385.  


What information do you require from me to book an appointment? 

We will need the site address, the type of roof you have & the height of the roof (single/double story), a contact number and email address. 


Do you do new building work? 

We currently do not offer this service, we specialise in repairs, re-furbishment and maintenance. 


Are you a registered Asbestos Removal Company? 

Yes we are a registered Asbestos Removal Company. 


Do you do work on residential houses? 

Yes, we do work on residential, commercial and industrial buildings. 


How long will take before I receive my quote?

Within 2 to 3 working days after you have met with a consultant.